Hagit Yaso was the winner of the ninth season of "The Israeli Idol". 

In her music, Hagit combines Hebrew, Amharic, English and Moroccan languages and styles.

These days, Hagit is working on her first album and released the first single "Everything Reminds", in which she sings with her father.

After her "Idol" win, Yaso and her family were invited to the president's house, where Mr. Shimon Peres spoke with them about their immigration to Israel from Ethiopia. 

Hagit sang the theme song of the Israeli film "My Pretty Sister", directed by Marco Carmel.

Hagit participated in "Od Me'at Naafoch Le'Shir", in memory of an Israeli fallen soldier, on army radio station Galatz. She sang the song "Eynaich (Your Eyes)" which was written by Nehemiah Fridges z"l, who died in the Yom Kippur war.

Hagit toured the US and performed with the legendary composer Charles Fox, who wrote the mega-hit, "Killing Me Softly".

Yaso performed in Gondar, Ethiopia and was embraced by the local Jewish community.

Hagit and her father filmed a documentary in Ethiopia, which highlights the musical culture of Ethiopia and its stunning views.

Hagit continues to travel around the world, and his sung for audiences on nearly every continent.


חגית יאסו שרה שיר שבת באתיופיה hagit yaso sings shabat song Ethiopia




Hagit Yaso

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